A Miracle of the Heart

God revealed himself through a blocked artery

A Miracle of the Heart

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This is the story of what God did for me in the fall of 2012. Because it happened toward the end of the year and because it affected my whole family, we called it “The Morris Family Christmas Miracle” in our annual holiday message to family and friends. Really, though, it’s two related stories that show how God loves to be involved in our lives.

“I Feel Fine.” In October two years ago, as my birthday approached, I went for my annual medical check-up and took a routine stress test for heart disease. The results were inconclusive. A second test came back the same way.

My doctor referred me to a cardiologist, who suggested performing just one more test to get to the bottom of things. This one would mean inserting a tube into a blood vessel and threading it up to the heart to check for problems. The procedure was invasive but not dangerous, he said. “But it’s up to you. Since you have no symptoms, we can wait and test again in six months.”

I chose to wait, of course. My wife, Sharon, wasn’t pleased. She kept pointing out that I had much less energy and seemed more tired than usual.…

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