A Faithful Father, a Grateful Son

God was working powerfully in my life— even when I couldn't see it

A Faithful Father, a Grateful Son

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Some people have profound spiritual experiences while praying in a church or contemplating a sunset or a starry sky. I had one while looking at a weather-beaten farmhouse near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Wrenched Away. For my brother, Larry, and me, the move happened too fast. We had just graduated—he from elementary school and I from high school—and it was wrenching to leave behind all our friends and familiar places. But we understood that Dad needed an easier commute into New York City. To get to his two jobs as a legal stenographer, the poor man had been taking a train, a ferry, and a subway, with long walks at both ends of the journey. Often, he didn’t return home until well after midnight, only to leave again for work a few hours later.

Commuting from the farmhouse was simpler, but still too long a trip to be workable. What my father really wanted for us was an apartment in Brooklyn, right in the city, but housing there was in short supply.…

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